Meat Production and Consumption Continue to Grow

Alexandra Tung | Dec 02, 2010

Global meat production increased by only 0.8 percent in 2009 to 281.5 million tons, a slowdown from the 2.4 percent growth rate of 2008.1 But the increase continued the steady growth of the past decade. Since 2000, global meat production has risen by 20 percent.2 (See Figure 1.)

The production of beef increased by less than a tenth of 1 percent in 2009, reaching 65.1 million tons.3 The United States remains the largest beef producer, but output there is expected to fall by 1 percent in 2010, below 12 million tons, due to rising feed costs.4

Total production of pork—the largest category of meat (see Figure 2)—remained steady in 2009 at 106.1 million tons.5 Half of the world’s pork comes from China.6 Production in Vietnam and the Philippines is on the rise, while pork production in the United States is expected to decline in 2010 by 3 percent.7


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