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Vital Signs Online is an interactive, subscription-based tool that provides hard data and research-based insights on the sustainability trends that are shaping our future. Created for business leaders, policymakers, academics, and engaged citizens, Vital Signs Online can be used for strategic planning, understanding world events, or as a reference source for presentations and reports.

Updated twice a month, Vital Signs Online includes more than 40 sustainability trends—and the list is growing.

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  • More than 24 new or updated trends every year, released twice a month
  • Concise, unbiased, data-driven analysis by authoritative researchers
  • Presentation-ready charts and graphs
  • Excel worksheets for data manipulation and comparative analysis
  • Full endnote referencing
  • Global trends in five categories:
    • Food & Agriculture
    • Energy & Transportation
    • Environment & Climate
    • Global Economy & Resources
    • Population & Society

“Vital Signs is absolutely invaluable.”

Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor of the Independent on Sunday

“Vital Signs...provides the most straightforward and reliable environmental, economic, and social information available on the entire planet Earth. Vital Signs delivers...facts illuminated by contexts and interconnections, often revealing causes of the problems, and pointing the way towards solutions that work.”

—Michael Pastore, Epublishers Weekly

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