The Trends

Listed below are the current Vital Signs Trend categories that we are watching. Please select a trend category to see the trends in that section.

From farm to plate, the food we eat affects our environment, health, and economies. These trends tackle the big issues driving the global food system, including seafood and meat consumption, irrigation, agriculture, and grain production.
Are we at the dawn of a new energy revolution? It has never been more important to understand trends such as fossil fuel consumption, vehicles production, and the unprecedented growth in renewable energy, among others.
Take a closer look at our planet’s health and topics such as variations in global temperatures and carbon dioxide, water security, and the state of coral reefs.
What is the outlook for renewable energy jobs? How quickly are carbon markets growing? These trends analyze global financial and economic trends in an environmental context.
From global population projections to health trends and urbanization, these trends examine the way we live and how these lifestyles affect the world.

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